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GPG-Signing-Key Update for Repo apt.iteas.at

For everyone who uses our apt repo apt.iteas.at please be aware that the GPG-Key was updatet.

The new key: https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?search=ba662621da69f38c443f147c23cae45582eb0928&fingerprint=on&op=index

Delete the old key and import the new one with ID 23CAE45582EB0928

For instructions also see: https://apt.iteas.at/

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.8

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.8 is out now!

This is the changelog from version 0.9.5 to 0.9.8


  • Update openfortivpn core to version 1.18.0
  • Add VPN profile option to trust all Fortigate gateway cert hashes
  • Add basic Barracude VPN support (only one concurrent connection, requires barracudavpn binary)
  • Check main file writeable, option to disallow insecure certs (thanks @omershv)
  • Allow certificate-only connection (thanks @dmlambea)

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.4

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.4 is out now!


– Show various error messages to user (auth failed, connection failed/timeout, …)
– Add persistent mode option to VPN profiles which reconnects automatically on disconnects
– Update openfortivpn core to version 1.16.0+
– Various bugfixes/enhancements

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.0 and Ubuntu 20.04 support

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.0 is out with stable builds for Ubuntu 20.04!

– New OTP features: otp_prompt_string, otp_delay (both from openfortivpn), always ask for OTP token option, otp enhancements
– Update openfortivpn core to version 1.14.0
– Enables SUDO Preserve-Env fix for affected OSes automatically (only Ubuntu/Debian)

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.

OpenFortiGUI and Ubuntu 20.04 Status


i know a lot of you are waiting for Ubuntu 20.04 builds of OpenFortiGUI. I have now setup the new buildserver so far and a first build of OpenFortigui available. Please keep in mind these are developement builds directly from git master branch and not really tested.

I still made a quicktest of this build and it is working so far on my test VM. You can find the dev builds here: https://apt.iteas.at/iteas-dev/pool/main/o/openfortigui/
My tested build: https://apt.iteas.at/iteas-dev/pool/main/o/openfortigui/openfortigui_99.9.1057-1_amd64_focal.deb

Important: You must enable the checkbox “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” in your OpenFortiGUI main preferences or your VPNs will not work.

I will work on a solution to autodetect the running OS and switch on this flag automatically, help is welcome. Otherwise just enjoy this new build. A new “stable” release will coming soon.