TinyOTP is a small tray utility to generate OTP tokens easy and fast. Especially useful if you need to access services very often which require OTP verification.

Features include:

  • Qt5 based Core
  • Trayicon with fast access to different tokens
  • English and german language
  • Tokens/Keys are saved securely in KWallet or GnomeKeyring

Source & community development: https://github.com/theinvisible/tinyotp

Prebuild packages are available for following Distros:

Ubuntu 20.04 (last Update 21.1.2021):

TinyOTP 0.2.0 64bit

Ubuntu 18.04 (last Update 21.1.2021):

TinyOTP 0.2.0 64bit

Debian 10 (last Update 21.1.2021):

TinyOTP 0.2.0 64bit

You can also use our apt mirror, for instructions see: https://apt.iteas.at/

Available packages on our apt mirror: tinyotp

Quick instruction to build from source:

  1. Install DEV-tools (on Ubuntu: build-essential, qt5-default, libssl-dev, qt5keychain-dev)
  2. git clone https://github.com/theinvisible/tinyotp.git
  3. cd tinyotp && git submodule init && git submodule update
  4. qmake && make -j4
  5. tinyotp binary is ready

Used software/libraries/resources:

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