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tiBackup – Local backup for linux servers and desktops

Some time ago i released a first version of my tiBackup software.

Since that i have greatly enhanced the functions of this software. Some new features are:

  • Alot of GUI cleanup/enhancement and code reorganisation
  • Added feature to send notification to eMailadress when backup is finished
  • Added feature to execute a custom script before backup starts (special tiBackup VARS can be used to make it even more dynamic)
  • All available disks can be used now for backups, not only USB attached disks
  • Backups can be started manually (executed in own thread now, so dont block the GUI)

In the future there are new features planned like:

  • Not only allow “hotplug” backups but also timed backups (every day, every week, custom time, …)
  • More notification options
  • More scripts options
  • Give me some input you want… ; )

Please note there are no precompiled binaries right now because of lot of changes made every time. So you must compile your own binaries. I will give short instructions how to do it in the project site here.