XenCenter Clone for managing XenServer Machines


  • Linux / Windows OS / (MacOS not tested, no test platform available)
  • C-Compiler with default distro dev-utilities(GCC 3.x and 4.x, mingw)
  • Qt4 Opensource SDK


  • For the final release the same features as XenCenter from Citrix 🙂
    Serious… should provide all the features you need to manage your XenServer/XCP Servers
    Please try the source version and give feedback

Install and use on Windows/Linux (Source release):

  • 1. You have to setup a Eclipse/QT4/Mingw developement environment
  • 2. Import the files as Qt4 Gui project.
  • 3. Link it with the taglib library. (edit .pro file)
  • 4. Compile and run it within the Eclipse environment.

Project Source: http://sourceforge.net/p/xenconfigurator/code/

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