Did not receive an update for long time, but should still work


  • – Linux / Windows OS
  • – C-Compiler with default distro dev-utilities(GCC 3.x and 4.x, VC tested)


  • – Queries for domain/IP whois information
  • – Whois servers can be easily extendet
  • – No special dependencies needed, should work on 32/64bit machines
  • – Compiles on Linux and Windows
  • – Only one file used, so handling should be very easy
  • – Lightweight console application, ideal for shell scripts

Install and use on Windows (with VC (Express)):

  • 1. Extract the .zip file anywhere on your hd.
  • 2. Create a new project in VC and import the extracted file as main file.
  • 3. Compile as “Release”. The .exe file should be placed in your project folder.
  • 4. Using is easy. Just type “[your .exe name] domain/ip” in windows console.

Install and use on Linux (with GCC):

  • 1. Extract the .zip file anywhere on your hd.
  • 2. “cd” to the location of your extracted file.
  • 3. Compile with command “gcc -O2 -DLINUX tiwhois.c -o tiwhois”
  • 4. Using is easy. Just type “./tiwhois domain/ip” in linux console.


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