All work on this website and the software are done in my private free time, this also includes expenses for hosting and computer equipment. I really like to do it and to help and share my work and knowledge with other people.

If you like my work and this website is helpful for you, i would be glad if you can donate a beer or coffee for me. 🙂

You can donate on every page on the right side menu via “Donate” button. Thank you in advance.

5 thoughts on “Donate

  1. angela

    I donated, also. I use openfortigui for work and it has saved me the frustration of dealing with Fortinet’s buggy and poorly maintained app. The GUI ontop of Adrien Verge’s openfortivpn is a nice addition, thank you for your work.

  2. Radek

    I am using your application OpenFortiGUI. The app is very very useful for me.
    I donated a little to you, as I can.
    Thank you very much for your work.



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