Powerfull and easy to use web-interface for managing Nagios configurations


– Webserver with PHP >=5.3 (Cli and Web)
– MySql 5.x·


– Advanced configuration of Nagios features including templates with a simple webinterface
– Easy to use navigation via webinterface
– Import of existing Fruity and Nagios configuration files into lilac-reloaded
– Export to Nagios configuration files

Download source and packaged versions:–reloaded/

7 thoughts on “lilac-reloaded

  1. Dan Hsieh

    I try to use in RHEL 8 with Apache + MariaDB and put lilac package into /var/www/html/lilac
    I always got “The Lilac installer needs the MySQL client binary to be installed and executable by the webserver if you need to populate the Lilac database. Install the MySQL command line utility.”
    I am sure the mariadb client already installed.
    Please advise me how to resolve this issue, Thanks!

  2. Andy

    I tried to install this today, but the mysql_connect() functions have been deprecated in PHP7 so I hit a brick wall. Also I cannot log a support ticket on sourceforge because the “admin has to authorise” me to do so.

  3. Wm. Josiah ERikson

    Hi there – I know this is the wrong place to submit this, but I can’t seem to submit a ticket on sourceforge for this project. I found a rather serious bug in lilac-reloaded 2.0.8 that causes the exporter to segfault under certain circumstances when exiting from the NagiosEscalationExporter back to NagiosExportEngine, though I think it’s only because that’s the last thing to call job->addNotice many times per host. When you have over a certain number of notices, it seems that NagiosEscalationExporter has written over its return address or something, and segfaults. If I comment out the Completed escalations $job->addNotice line at the end of exporters/nagios/NagiosEscalationExporter.php, it stops happening, but I assume it will happen again once I add enough hosts. 6043 notices breaks it. 5407 does not break it. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, but I thought it might be a quick and easy fix for you. For now, I’m just commenting out some of the notices so I can keep using it, but any advice you can provide would be most appreciated.
    All the best,
    -Josiah, Director of IT Infrastructure, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

  4. Bill

    Failed to import database schema. Make sure the mysql binary is in the search path for the web user.

    Not sure where to go from here as it is in the path.

  5. remilk


    I found a bug in exporter/exporters/nagios/Nagios/DependencyExporter.php line 73
    fputs($fp, “o”);

    instead of

    fputs($fp, “Ok”);

    Thanks for your great job!


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