Scalix Installer version for Scalix 11.x.x

This project is discontinued

Update 07.09.2009:

  • Support for version 11.4.5 added.
  • Fixes for hostname/FQDN check.


  • – Python interpreter (Version 2.4 or 2.5 tested)
  • – Scalix package 11.x.x (you have to copy the scalix-package into the same location as the installer)
  • – Debian based system (Debian 4.0 “Etch” or Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” tested, all 32bit)
  • – Ubuntu versions older than 8.04 will not be supported anymore but code is still present

Important: Please use, if possible, the latest scalix version as code updates will only be present on the latest version for the installer.

Hint:¬†Working on Debian 5.0 / Ubuntu 8.10 releases, but there seems be a lot broken packages, so I will promise nothing at the moment. Maybe the next Scalix Version will be ‘optimized’ for the new OS releases.


  • – Automatic check of required tools and libs
  • – Automatic installation and configuration of Scalix-packages and their dependencies
  • – Only a few important things will be prompted
  • – Installation will take approximately 10 minutes (depends on the speed of your computer and internet)
  • – German and english installation language
  • – GPLv3


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