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ich007I am 29 years old and working for a small sized regional ISP (internet service provider) and IT service provider. My job is to keep things running (servers, networks, firewalls) and develop new scripts/programs to make life easier and more efficient.

With this website i want to share my knowledge and programs to the world.

I think open-source is very important and everyone shouldĀ appreciate the work of the developers/people that make this possible. So do I.

Have a lot of fun on my website. I would be very happy if you leave me a comment. If you interested to contribute to some of my projects please contact me.


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  1. J.F. Zarama

    I’ve been using your Forticlient SSL-SSL for years; recently it stopped working likely after upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10;

    Linux tolima 4.2.0-19-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 11 11:39:30 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    upgraded to FortiClient SSLVPN 4.0.2323 (About shows 4.0.2323 I expected it to show 4.4.2323)

    it responds with “can not connect to proxy”

    parameters to my service do work well when using FortiClient’s Mac version;

  2. Hochgatterer

    Is it possible to make a version for armhf devices.
    I work with BananaPI,Orangepi,RhasperryPI.

    Thanks for Information

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  4. doctau

    Hi Rene,

    I have ElementaryOS and try your Forticlient-sslvpn.

    In our business we used the 2 authentication mode with Forti token.

    I would like to tell you it works very well….Big thanks for your job !!!



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