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ich007I am 29 years old and working for a small sized regional ISP (internet service provider) and IT service provider. My job is to keep things running (servers, networks, firewalls) and develop new scripts/programs to make life easier and more efficient.

With this website i want to share my knowledge and programs to the world.

I think open-source is very important and everyone should appreciate the work of the developers/people that make this possible. So do I.

Have a lot of fun on my website. I would be very happy if you leave me a comment. If you interested to contribute to some of my projects please contact me.


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  1. Victor

    Hi Rene,

    Could you please kindly help to take a look for above issue and to see whether have any advise can provide for me, thanks a lot…


  2. Victor

    Hi Rene,
    So appreciate for your great efforts on this program.
    I run it on Ubuntu 18.04 and working well with Fortigate default factory certificate…
    Then I tried to generate my own SSL certificate and also no problem to connect…

    But when I tried to enable “Require Client Certificate” on Fortigate to enhance the security…
    on openFortiFui set the “User-Certificate” and “User-Key” to my right files..

    When click “Connect”, found a mesg “Enter PEM pass phrase:” on log file, but actually no window pop-ups to allow me input the phrase, openFortiFui is keeping to wait me to input, I found the red disconnected icon have became to another one (orange)…

    Any options on config file to allow me to set the value for “PEM pass phrase”? or have other solution?
    Pls advise by mail, many thanks!


  3. Andrea

    I’m very interested in openfortigui, but I can’t install it on raspberry pi 3/4.
    I would need a graphical interface for inexperienced users.
    Can you help me, thank you

  4. Zigmeister

    I’m seeing such old posts, but thought I’d add my own comments.

    VPN is such a sensitive area for IT people who demand high securities imposed for “remote” devices. In the world today so many different devices running so many different platforms, it’s hard even for a Manufacturer to keep up and provide a solid working solution.

    I stumbled upon the app looking to replace the Forticlient on Ubuntu 18.04. To be honest, was weary until I did some digging and testing.

    Today, I roll out the client on all my Linux based devices because it’s hardened, simple and amazingly fast at performing the encryption very nicely.

    Supports 2FA nicely as well.

    Great work and Thank You for your efforts.

  5. doctau

    Hi Rene,

    I have ElementaryOS and try your Forticlient-sslvpn.

    In our business we used the 2 authentication mode with Forti token.

    I would like to tell you it works very well….Big thanks for your job !!!


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  7. Hochgatterer

    Is it possible to make a version for armhf devices.
    I work with BananaPI,Orangepi,RhasperryPI.

    Thanks for Information

  8. J.F. Zarama

    I’ve been using your Forticlient SSL-SSL for years; recently it stopped working likely after upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10;

    Linux tolima 4.2.0-19-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 11 11:39:30 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    upgraded to FortiClient SSLVPN 4.0.2323 (About shows 4.0.2323 I expected it to show 4.4.2323)

    it responds with “can not connect to proxy”

    parameters to my service do work well when using FortiClient’s Mac version;


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