Monthly Archives: April 2018

OpenFortiGUI 0.5.0 beta with GNOME-Keyring/KWallet integration

New beta release with new security feature.

You can now enable that your AES-keys are stored by your OS password manager (GNOME-Keyring, KWallet). This means your AES-keys are no longer stored unencrypted on your disk.

You can enable it via system preferences or setup wizard. This feature is optional.

Otherwise this version is safe to use. Only this new features is marked as beta.

Why i think its beta? While its working good in an KDE-Environment with KWallet, on Ubuntu or Gnome with GNOME-Keyring there is some strange behavior. For example on my test machine there are no tray menu entries shown after activating this feature.

Please test and report bugs or ways to solve them.

You can find the download and details on the project page.