Monthly Archives: October 2018

OpenFortiGUI 0.7.2 & KRunner Plugin 0.7.2

OpenFortiGUI 0.7.2 is out!

This new release includes the following updates, including for 0.7.1:

Major changes:

– Update to latest openfortivpn core (02.09.18)

Other changes:

– Validate VPN profile name before allowing save
– Fixes bug where realm was being passed to the user_key argument
– Save toolbar position
– Port number is now saved correctly if exceeding 15bit limit
– Adding Umlaut support (äüö) for VPN profile names
– Extend API to work with KRunner plugin VPN group start
– Adding more Umlaut support (ÄÖÜ) for VPN profile/group names

The KRunner plugin also had an update for supporting Umlaut search and VPN group search.

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.