Monthly Archives: April 2020

OpenFortiGUI and Ubuntu 20.04 Status


i know a lot of you are waiting for Ubuntu 20.04 builds of OpenFortiGUI. I have now setup the new buildserver so far and a first build of OpenFortigui available. Please keep in mind these are developement builds directly from git master branch and not really tested.

I still made a quicktest of this build and it is working so far on my test VM. You can find the dev builds here:
My tested build:

Important: You must enable the checkbox “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” in your OpenFortiGUI main preferences or your VPNs will not work.

I will work on a solution to autodetect the running OS and switch on this flag automatically, help is welcome. Otherwise just enjoy this new build. A new “stable” release will coming soon.