OpenFortiGUI and Ubuntu 20.04 Status


i know a lot of you are waiting for Ubuntu 20.04 builds of OpenFortiGUI. I have now setup the new buildserver so far and a first build of OpenFortigui available. Please keep in mind these are developement builds directly from git master branch and not really tested.

I still made a quicktest of this build and it is working so far on my test VM. You can find the dev builds here:
My tested build:

Important: You must enable the checkbox “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” in your OpenFortiGUI main preferences or your VPNs will not work.

I will work on a solution to autodetect the running OS and switch on this flag automatically, help is welcome. Otherwise just enjoy this new build. A new “stable” release will coming soon.

26 thoughts on “OpenFortiGUI and Ubuntu 20.04 Status

  1. skywalkie

    Thanks for your work! – that SUDO -E Option saved the day ; working on Mint 20.2 uma

  2. Igor

    Thank you for all your work. It works on18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP. I’ve been loosing time with NetworkManager-fortissslvpn-gnome, i failed to persuade it to connect to our company’s vp, but with this tool no problems at all.

  3. Patrick Pascoal

    Hi guys, I need to use forti to access the vpn of my work, at the time of the pandemic we are working remotely, I was able to use forti normally on ubuntu18, however I installed ubuntu 20 and I am not able to, can someone help me?

    really thaks !

  4. Isaac

    Running this on Pop!OS 20.04 (built on Ubuntu 20.04) and updating the settings as mentioned works great for me! (still on last stable version)

  5. MIihai

    For me using Ubuntu 20.04 and VPN with certificates required for authentication doesn’t work. It replies me, on error logs, despite the fact that i have provide all the necessary inputs: user certificate, user key, CA certificate:

    INFO: Start tunnel.
    INFO: Closed connection to gateway.
    ERROR: SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations: error:0B084002:x509 certificate routines:X509_load_cert_crl_file:system lib
    INFO: Could not log out.

    Any ideas?

  6. Prasad Sakharkar

    Because of COVID19 we all were forced to work from home. My company uses forticlient for VPN. For windows users it works very well but to my surprise forticlient does not have Linux Client.

    I would like to extend my thanks to the developer… because of you I can work from home and able to provide for my family.

    You can not imagine what profound impact you have on the lives of others. Thank you very much.

    I have one query though… How do I keep alive the connection on Ubuntu 20.04 ?

    1. Mike Morgan

      You could use the poor man’s method: start a running ping to something on your company network.

  7. Norman

    Enabling the checkbox “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” did the job. Works great @ 20.04 now. Thanks

  8. Alain PENCREAC'H

    That’s also ok for me with the option “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” checked ! (on Ubuntu 20.04)

  9. Davy Vandervekens

    Enabling the checkbox “SUDO -E Option – SUDO Preserve Env.” did the job. Works great @ 20.04 now. Thanks

  10. Aryo

    Thanks a lot, you’re a life saver!
    The old version didn’t work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
    This dev build works!

  11. Sune Mølgaard

    Thank you for all your work – regarding detecting Ubuntu version, specifically, have a look at `/etc/lsb-release`


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