OpenFortiGUI 0.9.0 and Ubuntu 20.04 support

OpenFortiGUI 0.9.0 is out with stable builds for Ubuntu 20.04!

– New OTP features: otp_prompt_string, otp_delay (both from openfortivpn), always ask for OTP token option, otp enhancements
– Update openfortivpn core to version 1.14.0
– Enables SUDO Preserve-Env fix for affected OSes automatically (only Ubuntu/Debian)

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.

1 thought on “OpenFortiGUI 0.9.0 and Ubuntu 20.04 support

  1. Patrick

    Hi guys I installed the openfortigui on UBUNTU 20 LTS , but I don’t connect with my vpn, anyway can helpme?


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