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OMD Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

As i mentioned in a previous post, check_mk 1.2.6 is now included in the current git master development tree of OMD. You can check it out here:;a=summary

This also means check_mk 1.2.6 with inventory support is also build as snapshot package for various OSes by OMD themself. So i will provide no longer an OMD build, please use the snapshot build from:

Maybe in the future i can provide this service again 🙂

OMD 1.30 Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

Update 02.03.2017: This package is no longer supported and maintained. Please download package with integrated OMD here:

Update 10.04.2015: I have now added a RHEL/CentOS 7 package as requested, have fun

check_mk author Mathias Kettner released version 1.2.6 just a few days ago. It has a lot new features and bugfixes, so its worth to upgrade. A feature i was waiting for is the new “inventory” system which collects hard- and software details from each pc where the check_mk agent is installed and a little plugin called “mk_inventory” is deployed.

As i use the free OMD packaging system i was also waiting for a new release with check_mk version 1.2.6. Unfortunately even the latest version on git does not have the new 1.2.6 version packaged. So i decided to package my own version of OMD with check_mk 1.2.6 . For this i checked out the latest git version and modified it for the new check_mk version.

All who want to try this can download the updated OMD package here:
OMD package for Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (Debian 64bit should work too)
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 6 64bit
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 7 64bit

It will side install a new OMD version 1.30.

Important: For some reason after updating a site to the new version OMD 1.30 the stylesheets/javascript files are not loaded properly because of wrong file paths. To fix this you must update the file “/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/web/htdocs/”.

Line 763 change “fname = ‘%s-%s.css’ % (css, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘%s.css’ % css
Line 778 change “fname = ‘js/%s-%s.js’ % (js, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘js/%s.js’ % js

After this fix the check_mk website should load normally. I know this is a quick and dirty fix, but its good for try out the new features. I also hope the will release the officiall version soon.

Important 2: There is is one more fix needed so inventory is aktually displayed in the check_mk GUI in file “/opt/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/modules/”.

Line 49 change path to your actually used omd instance for example “filelist = glob.glob(“/omd/sites/your_omd_site/share/check_mk/inventory/*”)“. I know this es even a more dirty hack, maybe i will improve it, but for testing or if you use only one active site inventory will work now as expected.