OMD 1.30 Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

Update 02.03.2017:Β This package is no longer supported and maintained. Please download package with integrated OMD here:Β

Update 10.04.2015: I have now added a RHEL/CentOS 7 package as requested, have fun

check_mk author Mathias Kettner released version 1.2.6 just a few days ago. It has a lot new features and bugfixes, so its worth to upgrade. A feature i was waiting for is the new “inventory” system which collects hard- and software details from each pc where the check_mk agent is installed and a little plugin called “mk_inventory” is deployed.

As i use the free OMD packaging system i was also waiting for a new release with check_mk version 1.2.6. Unfortunately even the latest version on git does not have the new 1.2.6 version packaged. So i decided to package my own version of OMD with check_mk 1.2.6 . For this i checked out the latest git version and modified it for the new check_mk version.

All who want to try this can download the updated OMD package here:
OMD package for Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (Debian 64bit should work too)
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 6 64bit
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 7 64bit

It will side install a new OMD version 1.30.

Important: For some reason after updating a site to the new version OMD 1.30 the stylesheets/javascript files are not loaded properly because of wrong file paths. To fix this you must update the file “/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/web/htdocs/”.

Line 763 change “fname = ‘%s-%s.css’ % (css, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘%s.css’ % css
Line 778 change “fname = ‘js/%s-%s.js’ % (js, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘js/%s.js’ % js

After this fix the check_mk website should load normally. I know this is a quick and dirty fix, but its good for try out the new features. I also hope the will release the officiall version soon.

Important 2: There is is one more fix needed so inventory is aktually displayed in the check_mk GUI in file “/opt/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/modules/”.

Line 49 change path to your actually used omd instance for example “filelist = glob.glob(“/omd/sites/your_omd_site/share/check_mk/inventory/*”)“. I know this es even a more dirty hack, maybe i will improve it, but for testing or if you use only one active site inventory will work now as expected.

25 thoughts on “OMD 1.30 Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

      1. Max

        i’ll give it a try.
        i have found something weird in my installation , sort of a mix of omd 1.10 & check_mk 1.2.4.p2 package installed manually (sort of experimental server that became production without a valid documentation ) πŸ˜‰
        the omd “cp oldsite newsite” did not work and found conflicting parameter that i did not have time to resolve.
        Anyway , i may have found a way to make it proper.
        1) in my prod site , make a wato snapshot with backup & restore link (check all items in configuration section and maybe event console in historic data)
        2) download the snapshot into your computer
        3) create a new empty site with “omd create prodnew” and start it “omd start prodnew”
        4) disable notifications in “master control section” under wato menu
        5) goto prodnew site and wato-> backup & restore
        6) clic “Restore from uploaded file” and select your downloaded snapshot tar file
        7) accept the snapshot import and ignore signature check.
        8) and voila, you have a valid prodnew site with all host & services restored (and with current check_mk version)

        i hope it will save some hours to someone πŸ™‚


  1. Chris

    I still can’t see version 1.30 available on the OMD downloads section. Any idea on the ETA for this? – I’m eager to check out the Citrix agents!


  2. Kevin

    hi, I installed the omd package but Nagios version is 3.5. It’s too old. I don’t know if anyone build omd package with the latest Nagios version ? like 4.08 ?


  3. David Mat

    The dashboard does not display. I changed the code but the “Edit” button does not take any action.

  4. Brian Watters

    Anyone else having any issues using and or viewing “Main Overview” ? .. All else appears to work without issue however to bring up the default page no errors just no displace and clicking on the gear icon does nothing on this page .. HELP


  5. Roger


    Could you cover how you produced the package? Do you have a github project for this by chance? I’d like to understand what’s been done more clearly, before I toss your build into our internal environment.



  6. Ti Post author


    if you use OMD you can make a backup of the site or make a copy of the current site (using omd command) and revert back if something breaks.

    I also think about to build new updated packages with the newest git changes from the OMD project, as i saw they included check_mk 1.2.6 now in the official git tree. But i still hope they will release an official OMD 1.30 soonest ; )

  7. Justin Miller

    Thanks so much for this. I broke my distro trying to force upgrade to 1.2.6 check_mk to fix a timeout issue.

    This package has solved all my problems. You rock, thanks for the effort.

  8. PB


    Been waiting for something like this for a little while πŸ™‚

    Any particulars upgrading a 1.20 site running on ubuntu 12.04? Should i just run the package or is their a specific method to upgrade?


  9. Andreas vdL

    Good work.
    The manual change for the CSS was necessary for my environment (14.04LTS, Browser IE) and worked fine.
    One important function for me was to check the AVM-Fritz 7490, which will func with this version out of the box, thanks.

  10. Ti Post author

    Hi, should not be alot of work. Setup a new VM and compile the package. Please stay tuned for updates here πŸ˜‰

  11. Michael


    could you also provide a package for CentOS 7? I tried installing package for CentOs 6.6 but i get several dependency errors concerning apache modules…

    Thanks in advance and have nice easter holidays πŸ™‚


  12. Ti Post author

    Hi, I guess its used for some RADIUS checks or/and user management!?!
    I dont use this feature and also didnt find something useful in a quick google search.
    The build process is using it, so you cannot remove the dependency expect you modify the build instructions for OMD. ; )

  13. Chris

    Thanks for this package and particularly for the instructions for modifying the css and js paths. I had already tried loading check_mk 1.2.6 on top of omd 1.20 but ran into the same problem with css. When I yum install your centos package, I find freeradius and freeradius-utils as dependencies. Are those necessary? If so, how are they used? Just curious. I don’t see any mention of them in the OMD 1.30 changelog.

  14. Ti Post author


    yes, i think thats a good upgrade then. ; )

    I dont provide CentOS packages (yet), as this was for my own testing only. You are free to build your own OMD package, see . But keep in mind they are still using check_mk version 1.2.4, so you must make modifications as i did. But i can also install a Centos VM and build it using my modified OMD version. Checkout this page later for updates.


  15. Milos


    thans for good article. We using OMD version 0.57 (check_mk 1.2.2.p1) and i thinking about update.
    I waited for hostname edit feature which was released in 1.2.5i3. Next very useful feature for me is HTTP API for host managing in version 1.2.5i6.

    So 1.2.6 with OMD 1.30 is what i need. Where can i download package for CentOS 6.3 x64?


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