New update for Forticlient SSLVPN .deb packages (4.4.2313)

Just a few days ago Fortinet released new version of their SSLVPN utilities.

As of version 4.4.2313 Fortinet modified quite a few files resp. deleted some .sh files as for example the file were we made the Ubuntu 15.04 changes. Also when you start the program it still shows version 4.4.2312 which means they forgot to increment the version number. Until now I only tested for Ubuntu 14.04 32/64bit, your are welcome to test for other OS variants.

Have fun with the packages, you can find it as usual on the project page.

OMD Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

As i mentioned in a previous post, check_mk 1.2.6 is now included in the current git master development tree of OMD. You can check it out here:;a=summary

This also means check_mk 1.2.6 with inventory support is also build as snapshot package for various OSes by OMD themself. So i will provide no longer an OMD build, please use the snapshot build from:

Maybe in the future i can provide this service again 🙂

OMD 1.30 Monitoring with check_mk 1.2.6

Update 02.03.2017: This package is no longer supported and maintained. Please download package with integrated OMD here:

Update 10.04.2015: I have now added a RHEL/CentOS 7 package as requested, have fun

check_mk author Mathias Kettner released version 1.2.6 just a few days ago. It has a lot new features and bugfixes, so its worth to upgrade. A feature i was waiting for is the new “inventory” system which collects hard- and software details from each pc where the check_mk agent is installed and a little plugin called “mk_inventory” is deployed.

As i use the free OMD packaging system i was also waiting for a new release with check_mk version 1.2.6. Unfortunately even the latest version on git does not have the new 1.2.6 version packaged. So i decided to package my own version of OMD with check_mk 1.2.6 . For this i checked out the latest git version and modified it for the new check_mk version.

All who want to try this can download the updated OMD package here:
OMD package for Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (Debian 64bit should work too)
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 6 64bit
OMD package for RHEL/Centos 7 64bit

It will side install a new OMD version 1.30.

Important: For some reason after updating a site to the new version OMD 1.30 the stylesheets/javascript files are not loaded properly because of wrong file paths. To fix this you must update the file “/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/web/htdocs/”.

Line 763 change “fname = ‘%s-%s.css’ % (css, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘%s.css’ % css
Line 778 change “fname = ‘js/%s-%s.js’ % (js, defaults.check_mk_version)” to “fname = ‘js/%s.js’ % js

After this fix the check_mk website should load normally. I know this is a quick and dirty fix, but its good for try out the new features. I also hope the will release the officiall version soon.

Important 2: There is is one more fix needed so inventory is aktually displayed in the check_mk GUI in file “/opt/omd/versions/1.30/share/check_mk/modules/”.

Line 49 change path to your actually used omd instance for example “filelist = glob.glob(“/omd/sites/your_omd_site/share/check_mk/inventory/*”)“. I know this es even a more dirty hack, maybe i will improve it, but for testing or if you use only one active site inventory will work now as expected.

tiBackup – Local backup for linux servers and desktops

Some time ago i released a first version of my tiBackup software.

Since that i have greatly enhanced the functions of this software. Some new features are:

  • Alot of GUI cleanup/enhancement and code reorganisation
  • Added feature to send notification to eMailadress when backup is finished
  • Added feature to execute a custom script before backup starts (special tiBackup VARS can be used to make it even more dynamic)
  • All available disks can be used now for backups, not only USB attached disks
  • Backups can be started manually (executed in own thread now, so dont block the GUI)

In the future there are new features planned like:

  • Not only allow “hotplug” backups but also timed backups (every day, every week, custom time, …)
  • More notification options
  • More scripts options
  • Give me some input you want… ; )

Please note there are no precompiled binaries right now because of lot of changes made every time. So you must compile your own binaries. I will give short instructions how to do it in the project site here.