tiBackup – Local backup for linux servers and desktops

I have updated again my backupsoftware for Linux: tiBackup software.

Some new features und changes include:

  • Changed default language to english
  • Scheduled Backups are now possible (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Some smaller enhancements and fixes

Please also checkout the new screenshots on my project page. As now there are no new packaged versions available, you have to compile your own. In the future i will also release packaged versions for Debian/Ubuntu.

New update for Forticlient SSLVPN .deb packages (4.4.2313)

Just a few days ago Fortinet released new version of their SSLVPN utilities.

As of version 4.4.2313 Fortinet modified quite a few files resp. deleted some .sh files as for example the sysconfig.linux.sh file were we made the Ubuntu 15.04 changes. Also when you start the program it still shows version 4.4.2312 which means they forgot to increment the version number. Until now I only tested for Ubuntu 14.04 32/64bit, your are welcome to test for other OS variants.

Have fun with the packages, you can find it as usual on the project page.