OpenFortiGUI 0.7.3

OpenFortiGUI 0.7.3 is out!

This release updates openfortivpn core and adds some features as:

Major changes:
– Update to latest openfortivpn core (23.01.19)
– Removed ‘verify-cert’ option as no longer provided in upstream

Other changes:
– Added various PPPD options from openfortivpn
– Fixes CA validation (using X509_CHECK_HOST by default)

Have fun.

You can find the download and details on the project page.

3 thoughts on “OpenFortiGUI 0.7.3

  1. Hong

    I got same issue, hhllss. Can you show me how to install version Where can i download that package?
    Thank you so much.

  2. hhllss


    I am using repository to install your openfortigui (great tool !). On the last versions ( or, it does not work :
    [ 109.632527] openfortigui[3096]: segfault at 12b8 ip 000055dbd5947d04 sp 00007ffe9c3216b8 error 4 in openfortigui[55dbd58fd000+dd000]
    [ 494.455483] traps: openfortigui[4395] general protection ip:558b6771fd04 sp:7ffce8cef888 error:0 in openfortigui[558b676d5000+dd000]

    I had to rollback to version to make it work again. I am running an Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with Kernel 4.15.5-041505-generic, if that can help.

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Best regards,



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