OpenFortiGUI 0.3.0 with OTP-Auth

New release again and so another new feature. : )

Version 0.3.0 brings the most requested feature “OTP-Authentication”.

OpenFortiGUI implements this by scanning the output of openfortivpn for special “OTP-keywords” to detect an OTP-Auth request. Then it prompts the user for the OTP-Token and redirects it do openfortivpn.

The advantage of this method is that there is no modification of the original openfortivpn source required. It was successfully tested with a Fortigate 50E.

Please give it a try and leave feedback.

More details can be found on the project-page. Have fun.

8 thoughts on “OpenFortiGUI 0.3.0 with OTP-Auth

  1. simubishi

    Hi !
    I have tryed conect to firtigate vpn with 2fa, but nothing happen.
    I checked debug, but my log looks :
    “DEBUG: Route to vpn server was not added
    INFO: Removing VPN nameservers…
    INFO: Setting ppp interface down.
    INFO: Restoring routes…
    DEBUG: Route to vpn server was not added
    INFO: Removing VPN nameservers…
    ERROR: connect: Время ожидания соединения истекло
    INFO: Closed connection to gateway.
    ERROR: connect: Время ожидания соединения истекло
    INFO: Could not log out.”
    ( Время ожидания соединения истекло = Connection timeout )

    The application has an advanced debug mode.
    P.S.: in windows connection work fine.

  2. Thomas

    Not working for me. on 0.3.3 on Debian Jessie. When I disconnect it only then prompts me for the token but not when I click on connect. I have checked and no other windows open up, it just get stuck on Connecting.

    1. Carlos

      Same here. Clicking on “Connect” the vpn goes into “Connecting” state but stays stuck there.
      If I then choose “Disconnect”, it disconnects AND only then shows the OTP dialog.
      As you might expect, entering the OTP at that point is of no help 🙂

      Running Debian Stretch, Xfce + xmonad.

  3. hhllss


    I have tested against a 60E running latest version, a 60D version 5.2.8 and a 600c running version 5.2.5. So far, so good with OTP. Very nice. I just have a problem with DNS since I am never getting the remote one (I suppose that there is no link with OTP, anyway).

    Thank you for your work.



    1. Ti Post author

      Hello, thanks for your feedback. This problem was solved now in the latest release (0.3.3). Give it a try.

      Cheers Rene

      1. hhllss


        I just tried the version 0.3.3, and for me everything is perfectly fine. Thank you again.




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