Introducing OpenFortiGUI

I am pleased to announce a new open-source GUI-VPN-client for connecting to Fortigate-Hardware.

First there was openfortivpn, an open-source VPN-client for Fortigate-Hardware. Its working really nice and stable and we used it for longer time. Then we was thinking about how to combine this nice software also with a nice and easy to use GUI.

This was the birth of OpenFortiGUI. It combines openfortivpn with a beautiful Qt5 GUI.

I wanted to wait until the software reaches a certain dregree of maturity. It tooks about 2 months of development to reach this state and I am proud to announce it here.

More details can be found on the project-page. Please give it a try and leave feedback. As this project is open-source and published on github, everyone can contribute.

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